I am available for public speaking.

Over the years I have delivered presentations to explain pain at work and to teach strategies to prevent pain at work.  Preventing and minimizing pain at work is possible!  The goal to preventing and minimizing pain is linked to good posture and maintaining good posture while working, something that can easily be done by following the 7 Commandments of Ergonomics.

I am excited to be invited to share my knowledge of ergonomics with the Master Gardeners Association of British Columbia. Gardening is the epitome of work and play. I know, I have a large garden. Understanding the 7 Commandments of Ergonomics will decrease the aches and pains related to gardening. My belief is that ergonomics can assist you to work in the garden your entire life!

Ergonomic Warfare for Gardening Injuries, February 17, 2016, VanDusen Botanical Gardens for the Master Gardeners Association of British Columbia

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