These programs are designed to teach groups of individuals to understand each of the 7 Commandments of Ergonomics© and to alter their workstations independently to promote individual comfort and safety, and increase productivity.

7 Commandments of Ergonomics© “Lunch and Learn” Sessions

The group will be guided through each of the 7 Commandments of Ergonomics© by use of an interactive PowerPoint format.

At the end of the one (1) hour presentation, each participant will be able to use each of the 7 Commandments in order to adjust their own work stations, remedying the problems they experience.

There is an opportunity to practise applying each commandment to a variety of workstation pictures during the session.  Each participant will leave the group education session with the 7 Commandments of Ergonomics© checklist.

The checklist can be used as a 7-step guide in order to change their own work station to be ergonomically correct.

Hi Irene.

We have had nothing but positive feedback from the L&L session.  Many attendees have reconfigured their workstations, including myself, and it seems most are feeling more comfortable which I am sure will provide long term results.

We have decided to implement a 15-20 minute ergonomic session in our Training and Orientation for new hires.  Those attending the L&L will be our go to people.  They will be using what they learned from the session along with referring to your very useful handout.

Thank you.

Lorraine B.  |  Administration Manager
Boughton Law Corporation

Hi Irene

Thanks for giving your “7 Commandments of Ergonomics” talk to our salespeople in our company boardroom. Since we are an Office Furniture Dealership, our sales people really need to know the technical and practical information about ergonomics to be able to sell the appropriate products to our customers. The knowledge they gained in that hour is invaluable to help them be better prepared to assess our customer’s workplace and to help them suggest a solution. The way you presented the information made it particularly easy for them to understand the theory behind it, and to feel comfortable explaining it to our customers. We now have much better tools and resources to be able to provide better alternatives to our customers. We are looking forward to a refresher course in the near future!


Alan H.
Impact Office Furnishings Limited

My firm has been working with Irene Chappell of OT Consulting for a number of years, and we have been extremely happy with her services. Recently we hosted our very first Ergonomics Day, which was a resounding success. Irene presented a morning workshop that introduced her 7 Commandments of Ergonomics and was well attended. Following this, several of the participants were further assessed during prearranged 20 minute appointments, and Irene was able to fine-tune the adjustments already implemented and in some cases made additional recommendations. All in all it was a very successful day, so much so that we have decided to host an Ergonomics Day once a year from now on. I myself was assessed by Irene a couple of years ago and greatly benefited from her suggestions. I highly recommend her services.

Suzanne D. | Human Resources
McCarthy Tetrault, Vancouver

7 Commandments of Ergonomics© “Train the Trainer” Advanced Training.

Advanced training will be provided to a select group of individuals who will then act as “in house experts” on the 7 Commandments of Ergonomics©.  The sessions are provided over 3 separate, 2 hour sessions.   Each in-house expert will receive a reference booklet which will include all the material covered and any additional information which would assist them in meeting their objectives.

The advanced training will result in a group of in-house experts who can identify ergonomic risk factors, work with the 7 Commandments of Ergonomics© to control risk factors and successfully use follow up techniques to resolve each ergonomic problem.

My first contact with Irene was in the mid 1990s when she conducted the “train the trainer program” in our office. Our “ergonaut” team was formed to prevent injuries in the office environment and to ensure that all staff and management would have trained “go to” people for advice when they were experiencing physical discomfort due to work space set-up.

The original training sessions, with approximately 15 trainers, took place over four sessions. Irene later provided the ergonaut team with refresher training. Recently, Irene attended at our offices again to retrain the few remaining ergonauts and train new ergonaut team members.

Trained team members are asked to attend to new members of the firm to discuss good ergonomic practices, make the necessary adjustments for these individuals and reassure them that they are available at any time for future assistance.

In addition, when the ergonaut team has been unable to resolve a complicated issue, Irene has attended our offices to meet with the affected member and has provided a full report upon completion.

Irene’s expertise provided the team with knowledge and confidence. I believe that by raising the awareness in our firm we have minimized injuries.

Kudos to Irene. Thank you.

Jacqueline P.
Fasken Martineau, Vancouver

“Train the Trainer” Follow-up 7 Commandments of Ergonomics©

Once the in-house experts have been trained and given time to implement 7 Commandments of Ergonomics© follow-up sessions will add significant and ongoing value to the injury prevention process.

Follow-up allows for a venue for refreshing information, further problem solving, sharing of actual work-site scenarios, answering specific questions, re-emphasizing company commitment, and introducing relevant policies and procedures. The follow-up program is recommended for 2 hours at one month, 3 months, 6 months and one year post-program implementation.

As a member of the BCTF Ergonomic Team, I am happy to give you feedback on the Train the Trainer course which you have provided three times over the past 10 years. The results have been very positive providing our team with the skills to perform ergonomic assessments on staff (approximately 40 assessments per year), to select ergonomically designed furniture, equipment and tools and to educate staff on proper ergonomic habits. This has facilitated our ability to be proactive in reducing musculoskeletal injuries.

K. P.
BC Teachers Federation
Vancouver, B.C.