Everyone deserves to work pain free. Employers don’t want to cause computer-related  pain. Employers do not want lost days of work or decreased productivity.  Yet some employers fear ergonomics thinking it will be expensive to implement. The 7 Commandments of Ergonomics© involves repositioning of existing equipment, utilization of alternate strategies and if that fails, then recommendations will be made for appropriate items. Ergonomics is intended to maximize productivity, best achieved when the worker is physically comfortable.

One problem I often see in an office environment is that workers have the correct equipment but tend not to use it ergonomically.  Their workstation may be initially set up by someone who knows relatively little about ergonomics or they may inherit a work station originally used by someone much larger. The new worker sits down at their workstation, often not really understanding why the equipment is arranged and adjusted the way it is, but taking for granted that it’s that way for a reason. This results in the new employee immediately forming some bad habits – for example, in an effort to see their screen, they may crane their neck or contort their body into various awkward postures. Down the road, such habits can lead to computer-related injury.

Whether you work in an office or whether you work on your own, I want to teach you to use ergonomics to ESC Computer Pain; to make the best use of the equipment you have and to control the dangers of using a computer. And that’s what my 7 Commandments of Ergonomics© are designed to teach you.

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